Adjusting to Dentures: What should I expect during the first few weeks?

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dentures HoustonIf tooth loss has resulted in the need for dentures, you will need to invest a little time in learning how to manage your new replacement teeth.

Friends and family that are close to you are probably aware that you are going through an adjustment period. That’s great news; rely on those closest to you for things like sharing your concerns. And trust they will be there as you adjust to eating and speaking to help you overcome any obstacles that might pop up as you get used to wearing dentures.

Chewing, Talking, and Laughing with Dentures

Once your dentist has delivered your new dentures, chances are you are not heading out to enjoy a gourmet meal. The fact is, you should plan on eating soft foods for a short time. You won’t have to eat eggs and pudding forever, but stock up on those things you don’t have to vigorously chew.

Once you feel more comfortable and confident with your dentures, move on to more challenging foods utilizing small bites. Chewing with dentures might not feel natural at first, but just like anything new and different, you will learn.

When speaking, you may feel awkward at first. Practice conversing with yourself in front of a mirror to gain confidence. Spend time with friends and family who won’t judge as you learn to manage eating, speaking, and laughing with your new dentures.

Other Considerations with Dentures

 During the first few days after receiving your dentures, your dentist may advocate wearing them 24/7. Follow instructions carefully to mitigate any problems.

You may notice you are producing more saliva than usual. This is normal and will not last forever.

Sore spots might pop up. Let your dentist know what is happening. Never attempt to make adjustments on your own.

As you adjust, make sure you aren’t ignoring remaining biological teeth. Also, take care of gum tissue that your dentures rest against.

You have made an important investment so learn the best ways to care for your dentures. Clean and store them as directed. And if something doesn’t feel right, reach out to our dental team for care. In no time, you will again enjoy life as you put this brief adjustment period in your rearview mirror.

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