Steps to Prevent Common Dental Emergencies

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Developing bad dental habits could result in a stressful appointment with an emergency dentist. Common dental injuries can cause significant pain and damage to precious oral tissue. When it comes to dental emergencies, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Don’t Chew on Ice Cubes or Inedible Objects Many people chew on ice cubes or objects … Read More

Dental Emergency: Do you have a game plan?

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A raging toothache, broken tooth, or a dental trauma are inconvenient at any time. But if you don’t have a plan on how to manage a dental emergency, any one of these problems can result in much more than an inconvenience. Being prepared begins with knowing how to reach your emergency dentist if the unthinkable occurs to you or a … Read More

New City, New Dentist: What to Look For in a Dental Provider

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You’ve relocated and now you’re faced with finding replacements to care for your health and personal needs. There are many different avenues when searching for a new dentist – ask yourself a few questions to determine the best way to get started. Determining Factors  Are you looking for just yourself or are there other family members to consider? If you … Read More

Tips to Help in a Dental Emergency

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A dental emergency can be any situation that causes severe discomfort for a patient or involves extensive injury or damage to the teeth, gums or other facial structures. Ideally, if you experience a dental emergency, you would be able to get professional attention from a practice that offers emergency dentistry services. It is helpful to be established with a dentist … Read More

Sedation dentistry: Will I feel groggy after my treatment is over?

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Sedation dentistry is a helpful approach to anesthetic that ensures your comfort during even complicated dental work. Because the sedative can remain in your system for a short time after your procedure, you may feel groggy after you’re finished. For this reason it’s generally a good idea to have someone drive you home after any dental procedure that involves sedation. … Read More

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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Dental emergencies are typically traumatic and sometimes severe. It can be difficult to deal with them calmly, especially if the patient is in discomfort. Establishing an emergency dentist ahead of time can save precious minutes and irritation when an emergency arises. However, having a phone number on hand is just the first step in being prepared. Defining an Emergency Often … Read More