Will a root canal save my tooth?

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Did you know that root canal treatment could save your tooth? It’s true; if you are eligible for endodontic therapy and receive treatment quickly, you could theoretically keep your biological tooth for the rest of your life. Root canal therapy prevents the need for extraction by removing infected material deep inside a tooth. If a patient waits too long to … Read More

New City, New Dentist: What to Look For in a Dental Provider

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You’ve relocated and now you’re faced with finding replacements to care for your health and personal needs. There are many different avenues when searching for a new dentist – ask yourself a few questions to determine the best way to get started. Determining Factors  Are you looking for just yourself or are there other family members to consider? If you … Read More

When is a root canal procedure necessary?

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A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth has been impacted from deep dental decay, infection, or some kind of trauma to the tooth. If infection has occurred, an antibiotic may be prescribed. An x-ray will be needed to identify the number and location of all root canals for effective treatment. And if a root canal cannot … Read More

When can I return to work following root canal treatment?

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After a root canal treatment, your body needs time to rest and heal, but this shouldn’t interfere with your everyday activities. Most people can return to work the next day. To be sure you give your body enough time to recover, consult with your dentist regarding appropriate aftercare procedures. How Does a Root Canal Procedure Work? A root canal procedure … Read More

What Happens After Root Canal Therapy?

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The evolving dental landscape has made great strides over the last few decades. A procedure such as a root canal, which would have been dreaded in the past, is now no more than a deep filling. Root canal therapy is typically performed to save a tooth with severe decay. It is usually performed with a local anesthetic to ensure there … Read More