Dental Implants: Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Complete Smile

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dental implants Houston Losing just one tooth can make a significant impact on your oral health and oral function. Tooth loss makes life more difficult. Many people who have suffered with tooth loss report that before dental implants, eating and speaking was cumbersome. On top of difficulty performing everyday tasks, those with tooth loss tend to suffer a blow to their self-esteem. This is because losing teeth can be embarrassing and difficult to cope with. Fortunately, our implant dentist can help make your daily life easier and improve your appearance with dental implants.

Tooth Loss and Your Health

While tooth loss certainly takes a toll on a person’s self-image, the effects of tooth loss on oral health are even more profound. Losing teeth can set a person up for a host of oral health and wellbeing issues. For example, losing one tooth can increase the risk for additional tooth loss because empty tooth sockets are unable to support teeth properly. Eventually, losing teeth will translate to losing bone. The roots of teeth keep bone stimulated. When the roots of teeth are missing and bone is left unstimulated, the body will resorb what appears to be unnecessary bone mass. Loss of bone can significantly age a person—making his or her face appear sunken in and more wrinkled. Another issue that patients who have lost teeth have to contend with is nutritional deficiencies. With reduced oral function caused by tooth loss, a person can become malnourished because his or her diet is so restricted by missing teeth.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants work by replacing lost root structure. A dental implant is a titanium prosthetic that is embedded into the jawbone. Over time, the bone surrounding the implant will fuse to it through a natural process called osseointegration. After the dental implants have stabilized, the rest of tooth replacement process is completed by attaching restorations or prosthetics to dental implants. Restorations will fill in the visible spaces of a missing tooth while also providing the surfaces necessary to chew food comfortably. Since restorations and prosthetics can be made from lifelike materials, a person’s smile will look natural and beautiful.

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