Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid

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dentist HoustonGood dental health is an important component in maintaining great overall health. There is a close correlation between the condition of your teeth and gums and many diseases of the immune system and heart health. Your dentist can assist you in taking care of your dental health, but you must do your part.

Habits That Can Negatively Affect Your Oral Health

Chewing on hard objects … Whether it is a pencil or pen top, candy, ice cubes, or anything hard, chewing on them can do damage. Teeth are very strong, but they are not invincible. Biting into something hard can fracture a tooth; munching on ice can wear down protective enamel; and any number of problems can ensue resulting in the possible need of a root canal, a dental crown, a filling, or a lost tooth.

Biting your nails … Not only do you risk damaging your teeth, you could cut soft oral tissue on a jagged nail. Remember to carry a pair of nail clippers instead of using your teeth. To curb the temptation to bite your nails, use a product on your nails that tastes badly to discourage you from biting them. Chew sugar free gum when you get the urge to bite your nails.

Using teeth to open packages … This is why tools were invented. While teeth may seem like a convenient way to open that flimsy cellophane package, crack a nut, or gain access to a bag of chips, it only takes one time to damage a tooth.

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching … These habits often start subconsciously during periods of sleep. They can become so ingrained that you may do them during waking hours as well possibly resulting in worn dentition and/or broken teeth.

Neglecting your teeth … Skipping appointments to have teeth cleaned, brushing ineffectively or not often enough, and not flossing your teeth are habits that are easy to fall into, but can have very negative results. Plaque begins to form and build on teeth that can lead to gum disease and dental decay.

Good Dental Habits Provide a Fabulous Reward

Healthy teeth will help support a beautiful smile. Do your part – avoid these harmful habits, brush and floss daily, and visit our team at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental every six months for a thorough cleaning and exam.