Invisalign Clear Braces for Comfort and Convenience

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clear braces HoustonDid you know there is a discreet and comfortable alternative to conventional metal and wire braces? Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option made of clear plastic. These clear braces close gaps between teeth, straighten misaligned teeth, and improve the occlusion.

Invisalign clear braces are a great treatment option for adults who desire comfortable and inconspicuous treatment. Some teenagers might be eligible for Invisalign treatment, too. If you have questions about your teeth-straightening treatment options, call our practice to reserve a consultation with our dentist.

Invisalign Overview

When patients wear Invisalign, it is virtually undetectable to others. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that realigns teeth using the same principles as conventional orthodontia.

These clear braces are custom made to fit over teeth, similar to a retainer. They are made from semi-pliable plastics and feature no sharp edges.

How Clear Braces Work

Invisalign treatment consists of wearing a set of clear braces for a couple of weeks. The appliances worn during treatment are called aligners. These aligners, like traditional braces, apply gentle yet consistent pressure to teeth to generate movement to healthier positions.

Treatment is divided into two-week phases. Each new phase of treatment begins with a new set of tighter aligners. Aligners become progressively tighter to accommodate the new movement of teeth and generate more force to continue to shift them.

Total treatment times vary from person to person. The amount of time needed to complete treatment depends on the positioning of teeth prior to treatment as well as the way that a patient responds to treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

There are unique benefits to wearing Invisalign clear braces. The most obvious benefit is the fact that treatment is incredibly discreet. Invisalign is also comfortable because aligners are smooth. They do not have sharp edges that can irritate soft oral tissue like the linings of lips and the gums.

Another unique benefit to Invisalign treatment is the fact that these clear braces are removable. Aligners are removed for meals and oral hygiene. The removable nature of aligners means that treatment doesn’t come with dietary restrictions. Cleaning teeth is also a breeze without orthodontic appliances in the way.

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