Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

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Losing your biological teeth can be traumatic at any age. Our friendly and knowledgeable dental team can help guide you through the tooth replacement process. Dentures can be made to look and feel great allowing you to function day to day eating the foods you love, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence.

Denture Options

Whether you require replacement for a few teeth or an entire arch, there are several options available for your consideration. Your dentist will explain the advantages and how these replacement teeth will function for your particular situation.

On your initial dental visit, diagnostic impressions will be taken for your dentist and dental lab to fabricate the denture you have chosen. Over the next several weeks, you will return to the office for fittings to allow for adjustments to make the perfect prosthesis for you.

Technological advances over the years have perfected the way dentures are made so your final result will look and feel great, but you have to allow for adjustments along the way. If anything does not feel or look right to you, allow your dentist to make needed adjustments to your denture … never attempt to tweak or make “improvements” on your own.

Caring for your Dentures 

Your mouth can change over time, but changes like this do not occur overnight. So if your denture does not fit snugly, see your dentist. A simple reline may be all that is needed to restore that perfect fit.

If your denture is removable, it should be rinsed as soon as possible after eating. At night, store your denture in a soak or water to keep it soft. Never attempt to disinfect by boiling … hot water can alter the fit.

Use the appropriate tools to clean your denture … a standard toothbrush and toothpaste are too abrasive so make sure you use supplies intended for a denture.

Clean your denture over a towel or soft area. If dropped in a sink or on the floor, your denture can break.

Developing a regimen to clean your dentures and remaining natural teeth will become routine with practice and repetition. Maintain regular dental visits with our team to keep teeth healthy and to make sure your denture fits and feels great to allow you the function you deserve.