Sedation Dentistry: What are the benefits?

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sedation dentistry HoustonSedation dentistry offers different levels of relaxation based on the procedure being performed and the needs of the patient. For those suffering from extreme anxiety or face physical or mental limitations that prevent them from receiving much needed dental care, oral conscious sedation provides a way for the patient to be treated.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation? 

The patient consults with their dentist prior to their treatment appointment so that all needed dental care may be planned to be administered in one dental visit.

On treatment day, the patient takes a sedative at home about an hour before their appointment. Transportation to and from the dental office is required as the patient is unable to drive.

Upon arrival at the dental office, the patient is given additional sedatives that will put them in a state of total relaxation. Depending on the treatment to be rendered, a local anesthetic may also be administered to alleviate concerns about discomfort.

The dentist can perform much needed dental care … this can include cleaning teeth, periodontal care, restorative work such as cavity repair, simple tooth extractions … many procedures can be completed during one dental visit. Throughout treatment the patient is continually monitored for their safety and comfort.

When Can I Return To Work or School?

While awake the entire time, many patients say they feel like they slept throughout treatment and remember very little about their dental visit. The patient is advised to return home to rest for the remainder of the day; they can resume normal activity the next day.

The patient may feel a little groggy for a few hours following treatment, and may feel like sleeping … that is why the patient should not return to work or school when oral conscious sedation is administered.

The anxious patient finds that they can receive dental care that they may have been needing for years. Good dental health contributes to good overall health … oral conscious sedation is a solution for many patients who may have avoided receiving much needed dental care.

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