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    Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental offers cosmetic services to those looking to improve the aesthetics of their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry can be life changing – especially for those who have struggled with low self-esteem due to the way their teeth look. Some of our popular cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, Invisalign and the placement of porcelain veneers and tooth colored restorations.
    Teeth Whitening
    Our practice offers two professional whitening solutions so that we can meet our patients’ needs. For those in need of a brighter looking smile quickly, we provide in-office whitening treatments that can dramatically lighten your smile in about an hour’s time. Our other popular option is take-home whitening, which is less expensive and allows people to brighten their teeth on their schedule. This means that you can whiten in the comfort of your home just before bed or while you’re commuting to work. Both options involve using potent yet safe prescription strength bleaching solutions so that deep, permanent stains are lifted.

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    Porcelain Veneers
    Porcelain veneers are used to produce a total smile transformation and to conceal a variety of smile imperfections. Each veneer is shaped from high quality porcelain based on very precise measurements and specifications given by our dentists. A veneer is made to fit over a specific tooth. When a series of veneers are bonded over teeth, it can create the appearance of a white, straight and perfect smile. Those suffering with misshapen teeth and disproportionate smiles caused by worn dentition, noticeable cracks and chips, jagged edges, and intrinsic discoloration can be great candidates for veneers.
    White Restorations
    While restorations are used to repair broken or diseased teeth, they are also beneficial for improving the appearance of teeth. When restorations are made from white, tooth-colored materials, they look and feel just like biological teeth. If a person has severely worn teeth, porcelain dental crowns can restore teeth to their original size and shape. Tooth-colored fillings are also great for maintaining the aesthetics of a smile because patients can enjoy dental work that doesn’t look unnatural.

    Even after orthodontic treatment in adolescence, our teeth can develop spacing issues caused by not wearing a retainer properly or with the emergence of wisdom teeth. Having crooked, crowded, gapped and overlapped teeth can affect our self-confidence. For these reasons, Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental offers Invisalign, a discreet and comfortable treatment option. Invisalign is a system of clear, plastic, retainer-like appliances that straighten teeth over time. Ideal for adults and some teenagers, this orthodontic system can help people achieve the straight smile of their dreams.

    Whether someone just yearns for a brighter looking smile or requires a combination of treatments to achieve his or her desired aesthetic, our team is here to offer compassionate and results-driven treatment.

    If cosmetic dentistry interests you, call Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental today to schedule a smile makeover consultation. At your appointment, you can address your concerns and let our dentists help you find the ideal treatment(s) to suit your needs.

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    Patient Reviews

    “To be honest I was almost afraid to rate Parker-Read because I don’t want them to get so popular that it’s hard for me to make an appointment, but they are so good they deserve the praise. I’ve been going to Parker-Read for about 20 years, minus 6 years I lived in Austin… Dr. Read is super friendly and always makes sure to let you know what’s going on and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. The staff is top-notch as well!”

    sydney-allen-dental-center-patientROBERT S.,

      Yelp review

    “The dental hygienists, staff, and dentists here have all been fantastic. They are professional, friendly, accommodating, and great at their jobs. There is a sign in the office that requests you advise the staff if you have been waiting longer than 15 minutes to see the doctor or hygienist – this mindset really sets the tone for an efficient and effective experience.”

    client7HOLLY OKRUHLIK,
      Google review

    “I’ve been going to this place since 2012! I had been to other dentists and Dr. Parker is by far the nicest and best one I met. The staff here are always so professional and friendly! They do their jobs really well and it shows. Their patient population has grown so much! This is the only place I recommend to family and friends!”

    Yelper Review 1 MARIA R., 

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