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    Losing teeth takes a toll on a person’s total well being. In the past, a person’s tooth replacement options were limited to bridges and dentures. While these prosthetics are still used today, there are alternatives, like dental implants, that can provide increased oral function while also supporting the oral health system – especially bone mass. Our team at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental offers effective and compassionate treatment for tooth loss. 
    The Basics on Dental Implants 

    Dental implants are prosthetics used to replace the missing roots of teeth. Made from titanium, a dental implant essentially resembles a very small screw with an abutment on one end. It is placed into the jawbone where a missing tooth once was. A dental crown or bridge will then be attached to the abutment to complete the restoration of a lost tooth. If a person requires total tooth replacement, multiple implants can be used to support a full denture.

    Implants offer advantages that prosthetics like bridges or dentures cannot. First, a bridge or denture rests on top of the gums, only replacing the surfaces of teeth above the gum line. An implant, however, draws on support from the bone just like a tooth’s root to hold prosthetics. By addressing the loss of the entire tooth or teeth, a person can enjoy more stable oral function and longer lasting replacement teeth. Dental implants also keep bone in the jaw active through stimulation that can prevent bone resorption, a common side effect of tooth loss.

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    Single Tooth Replacement
    One dental implant can be used to support a dental crown. This is ideal for those who have lost one tooth or those with minimal tooth loss. Replacing a single missing tooth is important because even just one missing tooth can throw off the harmony of the whole oral health system.  
    All-on-4/Teeth in a Day 

    All-on-4, also known as “teeth in a day”, involves comprehensive tooth replacement for edentulous patients. This procedure consists of anchoring custom dentures to a series of four strategically placed dental implants in the jaw. Anchoring an arch of prosthetic teeth to dental implants helps stabilize the biting surfaces of prosthetics and promote a more natural looking appearance.

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    “Superb experience, starting from the phone call for an appointment to the actual office visit. Very friendly and knowledgeable staffs and most importantly, honest and sincere practice from Dr. Schleicher, Parker, and Read. A highly deserving Five stars Business! Trustworthy people, modern high tech equipment, and very clean office. I’m glad to have found such a great Dental Clinic for my family and myself.”

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    “I have always been critical of dentists and their practices. I have had very poor experiences in the past which kept me from seeing them as needed. My first visit to Parker Nickolas Read reassured me that there are good practices around. The staff is friendly. The facility is clean with modern technology. My smile is back and I am happy with dentists again. Thanks!”

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    “Dr. Parker and Dr. Read are excellent! Truly take the time needed with patients are care about what is best for them. Dr. Parker even called on his day off after receiving an email from my husband asking about a referral. All staff are very kind and timely as well.”

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