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    Millions of Americans deal with migraines and headaches. Headaches can have a wide range of causes, though most of the diagnosed headaches are a result of muscle tension. This can create not only headaches but severe migraines in many patients. Health care practitioners typically address these concerns with pharmaceuticals to help patients seeking relief from the symptoms they have.Headaches

    The most common types of headaches include:

    • Muscle tension, which occur in the neck or temples and can be constant or
    • Migraines, associated with dizziness, light sensitivity, poor sound tolerance, and neurological symptoms.
    • Sinus headaches, associated with pressure and pain in the forehead or underneath the eyes.

    If you are receiving care for your headache and migraines from a physician, this is great to hear, as pharmaceuticals can help patients in getting back their quality of life when headaches and migraines occur. Other patients may be able to find relief by visiting a dentist. A dentist who is trained in treating headaches effectively, such as the team of Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental, may be able to analyze the neuromuscular issues and jaw positioning which may be factors contributing to the headaches and migraines. Help from a dentist may also be desirable when patients find that their condition is not responding to traditional medications.

    The headaches commonly not responsive to conventional treatment solutions are typically the types of headaches our practice specializes in treating. We provide patients with solutions such as non-invasive appliance therapy, which eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals in many instances. Oral appliance therapy is proven effective in situations in which patients are unable to control their condition with medication. Our practice works with a wide range of oral appliances and can help determine the one best to meet the needs of each specific individual and their unique situations.

    If you live in the Houston community and are ready to seek further assistance for your migraines and headaches, now is the time to work with the dental team at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental to learn about oral appliance therapy. This may be a wonderful option for you if you have struggled with migraines and headaches with no relief from traditional therapies.

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    Patient Reviews

    “To be honest I was almost afraid to rate Parker Nickolas Read because I don’t want them to get so popular that it’s hard for me to make an appointment, but they are so good they deserve the praise. I’ve been going to Parker Nickolas Read for about 20 years, minus 6 years I lived in Austin… Dr. Read is super friendly and always makes sure to let you know what’s going on and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. The staff is top-notch as well!”

    sydney-allen-dental-center-patientROBERT S.,

      Yelp review

    “My mother and I both suffer from horrendous TMJ. We would both wake up with awful headaches and start nearly every morning with an Advil. My mother went to the doctor for the first time around 2008 and I went to Dr. Schleicher for the first time about 6 months ago. He created a custom fit retainer that saves me every night! I no longer wake up with huge headaches! I once went on a five day vacation and forgot my retainer – I was miserable. It really does work and relieving stress in your temples and jaw. Additionally, I used to feel a pop in my jaw every time I took a bit of something and that has decreased so quickly! I now never have to pop my jaw or get lockjaw. It’s awesome! Bonus points for the practice: the kindest, most easy going people in the world. I normally see Jairo and Sheree and they are a great part of my trip. Five stars! I will always come to Dr. Schleicher for any dental problems!”
    client12MACKENZIE ADEN,
      Google review

    “Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental is the best dental practice I have ever been to. I have been using Dr. Schleicher for many years and have and will always recommend him and Dr. Read to all my friends and family. Their staff is friendly and courteous and make visiting the dentist something to look forward to instead of something to avoid. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great dental work in a friendly and pain free atmosphere.”

    client9 CANDY MASSOUD,
      Google review

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