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    Straight teeth are a highly coveted asset for good reason.  We subconsciously associate vitality, youth, and beauty with straight teeth. Our dentists at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental offer a range of orthodontic treatment options for patients of all ages. From conventional braces to newer alternatives like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, our practice can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 
    The Importance of Orthodontic Treatment
    Some people mistakenly believe that having a straight smile is only beneficial from a cosmetic standpoint. While having straight teeth is certainly one way to enhance your appearance, there are also health benefits. Properly spaced and aligned teeth are important for having a healthy occlusion and for practicing thorough oral hygiene. When teeth are crowded, overlapped, and crooked, their biting surfaces will make improper contact with other teeth. Over time, this contact during oral function can lead to worn dentition (tooth wear). Worn down teeth can increase a person’s risk for tooth decay and TMJ disorder. Additionally, teeth that are spaced improperly are difficult to keep clean. Spacing issues can make teeth hard to floss and brush. Imagine how much easier threading floss between adequately spaced teeth is compared to overlapped or crowded teeth. 
    Traditional Braces
    While there are alternatives to traditional braces, there is still a need for this type of orthodontia in modern dentistry. Traditional braces are fixed, meaning that orthodontic appliances are bonded to teeth. Anchored on teeth, other appliances like wires will be used to generate tooth movement through consistent force and pressure. Unlike braces from a few decades ago, today’s braces are sleeker and utilize smaller mechanisms for increased comfort.

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    Invisalign is an orthodontic system that reliesinvisalign-preferred-provider-atlanta on removable appliances to generate force and pressure to shift teeth. Consisting of clear plastic appliances called aligners, Invisalign is discreet and comfortable. Aligners are worn like a retainer. A set of aligners is worn for two weeks. Every two weeks, a patient receives a tighter set. Over time, gradually tighter aligners will create the pressure needed to move teeth to straighter positions. Invisalign is beneficial to adults because its clear construction is almost undetectable and since aligners are removable, there are no oral appliances obstructing meals and oral hygiene. 
    Six Month Smiles

    Six Month Smiles is a brand that utilizes clearNew-Six-Month-Smiles-Logo-transparent and tooth-colored materials along with a unique approach to straighten teeth. This orthodontic treatment option utilizes stationary appliances like brackets and wires but with more discreet looking materials than traditional braces. Treatments times can be as short as six months because Six Month Smiles focuses on the movement of the most visible teeth.

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    Patient Reviews

    “To be honest I was almost afraid to rate Parker Nickolas Read because I don’t want them to get so popular that it’s hard for me to make an appointment, but they are so good they deserve the praise. I’ve been going to Parker Nickolas Read for about 20 years, minus 6 years I lived in Austin… Dr. Read is super friendly and always makes sure to let you know what’s going on and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. The staff is top-notch as well!”

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    “I would recommend Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental to anyone! From front desk to exit, everyone is so helpful and pleasant. I have never waited more than 5 min in the waiting room. The doctors and dental assistants are always very thorough and really explain your treatment plan in detail. They show you images and clearly explain what the issues are and why a procedure is being recommended. I always get seen quickly and everyone is always very optimistic and caring. You will not regret choosing Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental for your teeth!”

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    “I’ve been going to this place since 2012! I had been to other dentists and Dr. Parker is by far the nicest and best one I met. The staff here are always so professional and friendly! They do their jobs really well and it shows. Their patient population has grown so much! This is the only place I recommend to family and friends!”

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