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    An overwhelming majority of people will require restorations in their lifetimes. Decades of wear and tear along with exposure to cavity causing bacteria can cause serious damage to the outer structures of teeth, leaving the more vulnerable interior structures exposed. Restorative dentistry helps prevent the need for tooth extractions. It also thwarts the development of health complications such as abscesses. Our team at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental strives to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health, and receiving restorations allows patients with damaged teeth the opportunity to enjoy renewed oral function and protection from tooth loss. The following is helpful information on common restorations. 
    Dental Crowns

    A dental crown is a restoration that covers an entire tooth. From its biting surfaces to all of its sides, a crown fits over a tooth like a cap. It is cemented around a previously diseased or broken tooth to bring it back to its original shape and size while protecting it from future damage. Crowns are custom restorations made in dental laboratories. They can be made from materials like metal alloys (gold or silver) and porcelain.
    Same-Day Crowns with CEREC
    Conventional dental crowns require some time for fabrication because they are sent to dental laboratories. Fortunately, Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental offers a faster alternative to conventional crowns with CEREC. Using CAD/CAM technology, our team can have your crown fabricated on site using a chair side milling machine and a solid block of ceramic. CEREC crowns are tooth-colored, natural looking and cut wait times by weeks.

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    Bridges are a common solution for tooth loss. These prosthetics are anchored between teeth to close the gaps in a smile. A bridge can replace up to three or four teeth in a row. It is made of dental crowns, which are cemented together and permanently attach to biological teeth on each side.
    Dental Implants

    Leading the way in durable and low-maintenance tooth replacement, dental implants are the closest thing a person can have to a biological tooth. These prosthetics replace the missing tooth structure below the gums so that a single crown or bridge can be attached to them. Multiple implants can be placed into the jaw to hold a denture, too. Dental implants are ridged metal components that resemble a screw. They are made from titanium and are only a few millimeters wide. After they are placed, bone will stabilize the implant.

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    Patient Reviews

    “To be honest I was almost afraid to rate Parker Nickolas Read because I don’t want them to get so popular that it’s hard for me to make an appointment, but they are so good they deserve the praise. I’ve been going to Parker Nickolas Read for about 20 years, minus 6 years I lived in Austin… Dr. Read is super friendly and always makes sure to let you know what’s going on and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. The staff is top-notch as well!”

    sydney-allen-dental-center-patientROBERT S.,

      Yelp review

    “Dr. Read has the best hands in the Dental world.
    I just got a root canal and crown done all in one day. the staff is so friendly and everyone is incredibly knowledgeable. They even let me go in the back and watch their state of the art 3D printer build my fancy new crown. I was in and out in 2 hours feeling nothing but joy in my heart for God sent me to the best Dentist and Staff in Houston.”

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    “Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental is the best dental practice I have ever been to. I have been using Dr. Schleicher for many years and have and will always recommend him and Dr. Read to all my friends and family. Their staff is friendly and courteous and make visiting the dentist something to look forward to instead of something to avoid. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great dental work in a friendly and pain free atmosphere.”

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