Subtle Straightening With Invisalign

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clear braces HoustonIf you want a straighter smile but don’t want to advertise your orthodontic treatment to the world with metal braces, Invisalign clear braces may be a good option for you. This unique system repositions the teeth using clear plastic trays instead of brackets and wires, and it offers patients a number of benefits.

How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign treatment system is based on the same principles as conventional orthodontic treatment: applying specific forces to the teeth to reposition them into the correct alignment. However, Invisalign achieves this goal using a progressive series of clear plastic trays that can be removed at mealtime or for oral hygiene routines. Your dentist will give you a schedule for switching to new trays, which normally happens every couple of weeks. The dentist will monitor your treatment progress in periodic office visits.

Comfort, Convenience And More: Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign has a number of advantages in comparison to traditional orthodontic treatment. Because Invisalign trays don’t have any sharp edges or wires that can break free and poke the soft oral tissues, this method tends to be more comfortable.

Patients who choose Invisalign clear braces also experience less disruption to their lives than those with standard orthodontic appliances. Invisalign trays are removed at meal time, so patients don’t have to make many dietary changes while under treatment. Additionally, the trays are removed for brushing and flossing, so you continue those normal routines, as well. Furthermore, Invisalign involves fewer office visits than conventional braces, and the treatment timeline is often shorter.

Of course, Invisalign has aesthetic benefits, too. You can see your results in real time, and your smile usually starts to look straighter in just a few months. Compare this with standard orthodontic treatment which hides your smile for 18 months or more.

However, patients take on more responsibility with Invisalign. In order to achieve the desired treatment results in the anticipated timeline, patients must take care to wear the trays for a sufficient amount of time each day – at least 22 hours, as well as switching to new trays as directed.

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