What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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Dental emergencies are typically traumatic and sometimes severe. It can be difficult to deal with them calmly, especially if the patient is in discomfort. Establishing an emergency dentist ahead of time can save precious minutes and irritation when an emergency arises. However, having a phone number on hand is just the first step in being prepared.

Defining an Emergency

Often times, people arrive at the dentist in crisis only to find out that they weren’t dealing with a true dental emergency. A true dental emergency arises when immediate medical attention is necessary to save a tooth, stop bleeding or ease severe discomfort which may be due to infection. Most dentists set aside time in their busy schedules to deal with emergencies.

The need for dental care aside from regular check-ups can arise at any time but they are not always true emergencies. A small chip in a tooth with only minor discomfort usually is not an emergency. While cosmetically undesirable, it can most often wait until the next business day to be repaired.

Dealing with True Dental Emergencies

True dental emergencies never happen at a convenient time but being prepared can mean the difference in saving a tooth and complicated restorative procedures. Always keep the number of the emergency dentist accessible and educate yourself on true dental emergencies. It is also a good idea to make and keep a dental first-aid kit.

Many dental events can be alleviated or calmed with a few simple items. Dental floss, warm salt water and a cold compress are usually the first line of defense. They can help dislodge small particles from teeth, soothe discomfort and relieve swelling.

Taking the Right Steps

If you experience a dental emergency after hours you should still call your emergency dentist. Most often, there are after hours numbers for patients with true emergencies. They will instruct you depending on your specific situation.

If you need to establish an emergency dental professional, or you experience a dental emergency, call our office immediately. Our highly trained and compassionate staff is well equipped to assist in a dental emergency and help achieve a positive outcome in your dental crisis.  

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