Custom Dentures Offer a Great Solution to Tooth Loss

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dentures HoustonHas tooth loss got you down? Don’t fret. Our dentist has a solution with beautiful, custom-made dentures. Today’s dentures look more natural than ever before. With the help of advances in technology and the materials used to fabricate prosthetic teeth, those suffering with tooth loss enjoy a renewed appearance.

Smile Confidently with Custom Dentures

Custom dentures provide the appearance of a full, healthy looking smile. Making these prosthetics is a thorough process so that they fit comfortably. Everyone’s oral anatomy is unique. In order for dentures to fit and perform well, they must be made to very precise dimensions.

Fitting a patient for dentures begins with our dentist taking photographs from various angles and impressions, which are molds of a patient’s gums. These impressions will provide a mock-up of the arches of the lower and upper jaws, detailing their width and length.

Photographs, impressions, and special instructions are sent to a dental laboratory. At this point, a dental technician will start the process of fabricating custom dentures. Every denture is made to accommodate a person’s mouth, including the exact curve of the upper or lower jaw, the width of the palate, and size of a person’s mouth.

Dentures are made from very durable and lifelike materials. A denture will have a metal framework as its foundation and then acrylic and porcelain is used to mimic the appearance of the gums and teeth, respectively.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. Partial dentures only replace the teeth that are missing in an arch. A partial denture will fill in the gaps between biological teeth so that patients can enjoy improved oral function and the appearance of a complete smile.

Custom dentures can change your life. Living without teeth is difficult – emotionally and physically.

If you’re suffering from tooth loss, don’t hesitate to receive replacement teeth. Our caring team offers natural looking solutions so that you can smile again with confidence.

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