Is Invisalign a treatment alternative for malocclusions?

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clear braces Houston A malocclusion occurs when the teeth in the two dental arches do not align properly when the jaws close. You never outgrow the need for straight teeth. Metal bands and brackets may be suitable for children, but teens and adults will appreciate all the advantages of having their teeth straightened using Invisalign clear braces. A consultation with your dentist will identify the complexity of your malocclusion and determine your candidacy for Invisalign.

Teeth straightening isn’t only for cosmetic dentistry purposes … straight teeth are a major contributor to your dental health. When teeth are out of alignment, this may be due to crooked or misshapen teeth. This condition provides areas where plaque grows making it difficult for your toothbrush or dental floss to clean the area sufficiently. Plaque buildup promotes dental decay and/or gum disease.

Correcting a malocclusion with Invisalign has many advantages; the aligners are:

  • Clear – A transparent plastic is used that is strong enough to shift teeth to their correct occlusion.
  • Comfortable – The aligners have no metal or wires that can rub against soft oral tissues resulting in cuts or sores.
  • Convenient – Regular dental appointments are not required to have wires manipulated to keep teeth straightening on track. Invisalign aligners are updated by the patient every two weeks keeping teeth moving to their correct placement.
  • Removable – This is a wonderful advantage as the patient can continue to enjoy all the foods they love. Simply remove aligners for snacks or meals and replace when done. Teeth can be brushed and flossed daily without obstruction; your dentist can perform a thorough cleaning every six months. Daily oral maintenance coupled with regular cleaning visits will help prevent teeth from getting stained while being straightened.

Your Invisalign aligners are to be worn a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to achieve the desired results in the designated time frame.

Once your malocclusion has been corrected, your dentist will issue you a retainer which is the final phase of teeth straightening. This is a critically important step in treatment as the retainer is designed to hold teeth in place while they develop a memory for their new location. Failure to wear the retainer as directed may allow teeth to drift back to their earlier placement.

Invisalign aligners are a tool in cosmetic dentistry that will enhance your smile and improve your dental health. Call our office at Parker-Nickolas-Read Dental to discuss your options today!