Tips to Ensure a Successful Dental Implant Recovery

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dental implants Houston dentistImplant dentistry is a rapidly growing discipline, with more and more people realizing the advantages of this form of tooth replacement. For successful results, it’s important to take care of yourself and be sure you follow aftercare instructions to be sure your implants heal properly.

Preparing for Implant Dentistry

Proper healing is the most important aspect of successful dental implants. Your cosmetic dentist or implant dentist will provide instructions regarding how to take care of your mouth after your implant procedure. However, there are steps you can take ahead of time to ensure thorough healing. These include:

  • Stop smoking. Smoking reduces blood flow and negatively affects healing.
  • Treat any existing gum disease. Gums must be healthy for implants to be successful.
  • Talk to your dentist if you have diabetes or an autoimmune disorder.
  • Ask your dentist about any medication you might be taking for osteoporosis.

Your dentist will also evaluate the state of your jawbone to be sure there’s enough bone to support implants. If your jawbone has atrophied, you might need bone grafts to shore up the bone, or your implant dentist might recommend a different type of implant procedure.

Ensuring Successful Healing after Implant Dentistry

After your implant procedure, you’ll need to be sure to take good care of yourself to allow your body to heal. Having implants placed is a major oral surgery procedure and should be treated as such. Your cosmetic dentist or implant dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions, and you should follow these closely. Some measures you might need to take include:

  • Use cold packs to reduce swelling
  • Take any prescriptions your dentist has given you, including painkillers and antibiotics
  • Rest for the first few days after your procedure
  • Keep your mouth clean according to your aftercare instructions

The healing period after implant surgery is very important, because it’s during this time that your jawbone bonds to the titanium root portions of your new teeth. This bonding process ensures that your new teeth will remain stable and usable for many years to come, so be sure to take care of yourself during this vital period.

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