When can I return to work following root canal treatment?

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root canal HoustonDo you have an appointment scheduled for root canal treatment? If so, you might have questions about your treatment. Many patients wonder about their comfort while others might wonder when they can resume normal activities. During treatment, our dentist follows all protocols available to ensure that all our guests have a comfortable and positive experience. In many cases, those who receive root canal treatment can resume normal activities like work or school the day after treatment.

What’s the root canal?

The root canal is a part of the tooth that holds the nerve endings and dental pulp. The root canal is a chamber-like area that is protected from debris and oral bacteria in a healthy tooth. When teeth are developing, the contents of the root canal are necessary but once teeth are developed, an infected root canal’s contents can be removed to save a tooth from extraction.

Why do I need root canal therapy?

If you have an infected root canal, you need endodontic therapy to prevent the development of an abscess or the death of a tooth. Having root canal therapy can literally save your tooth from needing to be surgically removed. Root canal treatment also addresses the pain and discomfort associated with infected nerve endings. After treatment, patients will be able to resume comfortable oral function and have peace of mind that their tooth is safe.

Do I need a restoration?

Many patients require restorations after root canal treatment. This is because their teeth may be broken, chipped, or badly worn down. Common restorations that follow endodontic treatment include fillings and dental crowns.

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